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Emiliano Pelliccioni and Chad Hart collaborated on a research project to understand how to build build conversational, voice-driven bot interfaces that could replace traditional Interactive Voice Response systems. Our single summary post of our findings quickly grew too long, so we decided to break our findings up into a series of posts.

This series includes:

  1. Methods for Connecting a Phone Call to Dialogflow
  2. SignalWire’s Dialogflow Connector: 2019 review
  3. VoxImplant's Dialogflow Connector: 2019 review
  4. Adding SMS to your Voicebot IVR
  5. Building a Multi-business Voicebot IVR

I also did a presentation at ClueCon summarizing this series:

Here are those slides:

If you care about this topic, you might also like Chad's original How to make a dial-in IVR with Dialogflow tutorial.

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About the Authors

Chad Hart is an analyst and consultant with, a product management, marketing, and and strategy advisory helping to advance the communications industry. In addition, recently he co-authored a study on AI in RTC and helped to organize an event / YouTube series on that topic.

Emiliano Pelliccioni is a computer engineer working at and specializes in developing real time communication applications for clients around the globe. One of his projects includes developing bot integrations for a major CPaaS provider.