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    This is a blog exploring AI in voice, vision, and human communications. We cover speech analytics, voice assistants, computer vision and how these rapidly evolving medium impact human interactions.

    cogint stands for Cognitive Interactions. That could mean a lot of things, but I am taking it to mean adding intelligence to our every day communications. The interactions can be person to person, person to machine, or one of the myriad of combinations possible when you start adding smarts before, during, and after a communications session. Making these interactions feel fluid and natural means they must be real time. They generally involve sight and sound - vision and speech.

    Chad Hart

    I am a market analyst and product consultant eagerly exploring what the future might bring. While pretty much all my year career has been in telephony, I generally get my inspiration from emerging technologies and best practices from other industries where interesting things are happening.

    I also blog and edit over at and run tech events with Kranky Geek.

    Find out more about my consulting services at and follow me on twitter @chadwallacehart


    Thanks to Santiago Traversa for his web development help, advice, and tech support in getting the website running.